R Gamble - Sever The Ties
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1. A1 - Disrupted
2. A2 - The Lesson
3. A3 - Empty Handed (Cold Mix)
4. B1 - Flipping Switches
5. B2 - Fragmentary World
6. B3 - Fragmentary World (Vapauteen Remix)

Public System

R Gamble - Sever The Ties

Starting the new decade strong, the French label Public System Recordings debut R Gamble with his much anticipated EP, "Sever The Ties". Hailing from Memphis, TN and now functioning out of Brooklyn, R Gamble has been a staple of the New York underground for nearly ten years. This record presents you 5 original tracks and a remix, all ridden with infectious mechanical rhythms laced in haze, abrasive synth lines accompanied by metallic vocals doused in reverb.

Vinyl, 12", EP