Raashan Ahmad - Soul Power
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1. A1 - Mobstar Life
2. A2 - Move feat. Aceyalone
3. A3 - Stay
4. A4 - Soul Train feat. Wafeek & Ragen Fykes
5. A5 - Breath feat. Aima
6. A6 - Day After Da
7. B1 - Celebrate
8. B2 - Fairy Tale feat. Ragen Fykes
9. B3 - Money feat. Alex Newman
10. B4 - Cornbrea
11. B5 - Patience feat. Dj Vajra
12. B6 - Oakland

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Raashan Ahmad - Soul Power

“After touring the United-States to promote my first solo album The Push, I discovered that I wanted to add more bangin’ songs to my live set as well as speak on some more topics that I have been dealing with.

Soul Power is the result. When I I say “Soul Power”, I’m talking about what gives my soul, my spirit power--which is music! This project was especially born out of all that I learned being on the road as well as teaming up with new friends I’ve met along the way which led to some dope collaborations!

I definitely have to give thanks to the folks who have made me feel at home while away from home; who have blessed me with food, shelter, ciphers, laughter, conversation, money, memories, general nonsense, and love. Also mad thanks to the artists who blessed this project with their talent. Peace. Raashan”.

White Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue