Raise & Sgt. Risk - The Shining Wall/ Weaponized Soul
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1. A - The Shining Wall
2. B - Weaponized Soul


Raise & Sgt. Risk - The Shining Wall/ Weaponized Soul

A slowed down tribute to the dichotomy of mellow/heavy in mid 90's Jungle/Drum n' Bass, "The Shining Wall" begins with eery pads and a forlorn siren call, gently driven along by a subtle amen groove. Midway through, things turn more aggressive with distorted break switchups and a smattering of mentasm for good measure, before coming full circle and leaving you with a warm but somewhat uncertain end.

The flip is a more ominous affair, inspired by the short transition period ca. '96, just before techstep became a defined term. "Weaponized Soul" sets the mood with foreboding pads, until it drops into a relentless barrage of industrial beats and a cavernous sub. In the midway breakdown everything drops away, clearing the stage for a monstrous, swarmlike synthriff.

Both of these tracks where never meant to be "conceptual tributes", but just ended up that way. A is fairly new, while B is the umpteenth version of a ten year old tune. Big up the Dolphin Man for convincing us to put them out together.

Vinyl, 12", EP