Reedale Rise - Pressure Drop
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1. A1. Hydraulics
2. A2. Arkeme
3. B1. Pressure Drop
4. B2. Naria

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20/20 Vision

Reedale Rise - Pressure Drop

'Pressure Drop' is the debut release from Reedale Rise on 20/20 Vision. The EP sees Simon Keat continue his purple patch of form following from Areleases on other esteemed labels including Frustrated Funk, Common Dreams, Emotions Electric and Boe Recordings. The trademark Reedale Rise lush production sound of emotive electro continues on 'Arkeme' but 'Hydraulics' and 'Pressure Drop' see Simon venture into tougher dance-floor orientated electronic directions. 'Naria' completes the EP with a Motor City style groove based around a heavy break beat.

Vinyl, 12", EP