Rephate - Every Dog Has His Day - Vinyl Record

Rephate - Every Dog Has His Day

LABEL:   Expel Your Demons

ARTISTS: Rephate
RELEASE DATE: 2022-02-25
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
GENRE: Techno

Luis 'Rephate' Sepulveda is one of the greatest producers of the wave that arise in this reshaped scene, 3/4 years ago. Like many artists, after some covid time and a break, he his back to the scene, and starting off with this Vinyl EP on Expel. Rephate's own productions are highly distinctive due to their dramatic synth lines and escalating structure. Embedding harmonic melodies in unbelievable hard productions became his trade mark. The Portuguese Talent gained a lot of attention through building up his label "Blacklapse Records" working on a solid program together with underground artists as well as established artists. It is a pleasure to have such an artist on the label. To complement this release, we also have Cynthia Spiering from Netherlands with a staggering powerful remix. Cynthia is now an established artist, playing in the best festivals and clubs across europe, being also the mind behind her own imprint, Courtoisy Records Welcome Rephate and Cynthia Pre-Orders Available. Will be shipped End jan/early Feb (The turning times on press plants are very delayed now, so he may come on time, or later, we just ask you to bare with us )

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