Rhythmatic - It Is What It Was (Retrospective 2021)

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Rhythmatic - It Is What It Was (Retrospective 2021)


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That was the question put to Mark Gamble when the initial mixes of “Take Me Back” were delivered to Network in 1990.

Mark - he of the mad Mohican haircut - replied as low and dirty as you want. His subsequent definitive Bass Heads mix became the ultimate Dance Music With Bleeps anthem, causing chaos and literally carnage as bass bin speakers in clubs throughout the World were well and truly blown.

Network had to get a lawyer on board to deal with compensation claims from outraged club owners as Take Me Back was hailed as an instant iconic classic.

A Robert Gordon edit “with extra bass” added Steel City credibility and that, plus promo copies on a spoof 0742 label, built up the myth that Mark hailed from Bleep capitol Sheffield.

In fact despite being a member of Krush whose mega “House Arrest” generated headlines hailing Sheffield as the UK’s equivalent of Detroit, boffin Mark was creating his brooding earthquake sonic booms from a tiny bedroom studio in his Nottingham house.

To celebrate Network’s 30th Anniversary, Mark searched for the master tape of his 1990 gem and has come up with a typically sound splat of a remix. 

It’s Track 1 here and “Take Me Back” also features with a TJ edit of the Anniversary remix, plus the aforementioned classic Bass Heads and Rob Gordon edit versions.

There’s also the original versions of “Frequency” and “Demons” which each followed up “Take Me Back” and were also acclaimed as iconic Dance Music With Bleeps moments. The late great John Peel’s Radio 1 show hammered “Demons” which went to top the USA Billboard Dance Chart.

These frequencies still resonate.

Vinyl, 12", EP

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