Romain FX - The Drive EP
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1. A1. The Drive
2. A2. Ke Ai
3. B1. Fray
4. B2. Air House


Romain FX - The Drive EP

In the mist of the night, a driver locks his rimmed glasses to his face, fasten his seatbelt and stomps his foot on the gas. An array of beams and city lights flow in a continuous spectrum that dissolves into lines as the car speeds up. It's only a matter of time before his journey turns into a tunnel of light.?Off he goes into the distance to test the space time continuum limits of speed and sound with aboard of his car only courage and humility. For his first EP, Romain FX digs deep in his emotions to pull out four Italo & House infused tracks full of musical surprises.

Vinyl, 12", EP