Roza Terenzi - Worldwide EP
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1. 1 50 Millionaire
2. 2 Worldwide
3. 3 50 Millionaire (Rings Around Saturn Pulp Mix)
4. 4 Worldwide (Luca Lozano Intercontinental Mix)

Bizarro Records

Roza Terenzi - Worldwide EP

Have you ever wondered what it sounds like to pack late night influences and dancefloor memories from Northern Hemisphere touring into your luggage, take it home to a sunburnt island and let it sweat out a bit more in the studio? Us neither. To be honest, I don’t think anyone has really pondered such a Bizarro concept.

Nevertheless, Roza Terenzi’s EP ‘The Worldwide’ on the inaugural Bizarro Records release is just that. A continental cross section of sounds and moods that always manages to keep a fist firmly pumping in seemingly eternal rave aesthetic.

Vinyl, 12", EP