Garfield Fleming - Don't Send Me Away EP
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1. A1 Don’t Send Me Away
2. B1 You got dat right


Garfield Fleming - Don't Send Me Away EP

A multi genre-busting release that has transcended most dance scenes from Modern Soul, Rare Groove, Crossover and Boogie to become perhaps the most in-demand '80s record on the current collectors scene. 12 Inch copies are now routinely trading hands for £300+... if you can find one! The popularity of "Don't Send Me Away" was recently confirmed when a YouTube clip of Garfield himself, performing "Don't Send Me Away" at a Paris record stall in late 2018, went viral with over 2,000,000 views to date. "Don't Send Me Away" is quite simply one of the most in-demand records in the world right now. Pressed on 180g in Becket Records sleeve.

Vinyl, 12", EP, Reissue