(RSD 2019) Various Artists - Long Distance Love Affair 2LP
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1. A1 James Black Revolution - Open Window
2. A2 B & The Family - A Good Time
3. A3 Between The Two - Take A Little Time
4. A4 The Devoted Souls - Keep On (Holding On) - Kon Rework
5. B1 Gateway - The Show Is Over
6. B2 James Reese & The Progressions - Joker (Where Did You Come From)
7. B3 Twinn Konnexion - Don't Fight The Love
8. B4 Afrika - Don't Waste Your Time
9. B5 Doris Troy - You Got Me Baby
10. C1 Bill Brown & The Soul Injection - Fool-Ology
11. D3 Heem The Music Monster - Keep God On Your Side
12. D4 Jeff Odom - Life

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Super Disco Edits

(RSD 2019) Various Artists - Long Distance Love Affair 2LP

LTD edition hand numbered gatefold 2xLP celebrating the 5th year anniversary of Super Disco Edits.

The release of this album signals the health of a new breed of entrepreneurs within the music business. These are not traditional record companies in the way that most people understand them but small and nimble bespoke operations which tend to reflect the passion and creativity of their owners rather than the fickle idiosyncrasies of the general public. These new operations were more likely to be run from a bedroom, generally by seasoned crate-diggers and fuelled by a desire and intensity that most people can only dream about.

2 x 12", Vinyl, LP, Compilation