Rudolf C - Deep Sea Survivor


Rudolf C - Deep Sea Survivor

Having recently relocated to Berlin to head up the Salt Mines imprint with fellow Australian native Shedbug, Rudolf C returns for his second release on X-Kalay with the highly anticipated “Deep Sea Survivor".

Featuring in DJ Seinfeld’s recent DJ Kicks mix, the title track is full of subaquatic haze, carefree melody and breaksy percussion. “Second Hand Love” is a driving club cut utilising shimmering acid lines and eerie pitched vocals.

On the flip the club theme is continued with “Shmartie Pantz” channeling late 90s Wiggle and Evasive tech, with a generous nod to the man Terry Francis. Coming full circle “Natural Cycle” closes things out with trademark hazey pads evolving over snappy drums and a deep 4x4 kick. Don’t sleep!

Vinyl, 12", EP