Sair - Becoming LP
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1. 1 Awakening
2. 2 Hold Up feat. Andre Espeut
3. 3 Changes
4. 4 Don't You Worry feat. Moniquea
5. 5 Curves In The Road
6. 6 Give And Take
7. 7 The Way You Act feat. Adam Chini
8. 8 Shores Of Past Times
9. 9 Don't You Worry (Instrumental)

Neon Finger Records

Sair - Becoming LP

A 9-track album featuring special guests including Andre Espeut, Moniquea and Adam Chini. After his first album on Omega Supreme Records, the Portuguese producer brings us a new album in which funk, boogie and jazz are fused creating delicate pieces full of groove with a sound that leads us to the 80s. Don’t miss it!

Vinyl, LP, Album