SCSI-9 - Squares And Circles 2LP
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1. A1 - No Rush
2. A2 - You Me
3. B1 - Get Some LFO
4. B2 - Stairs Stairs
5. C1 - Pha In The Hau
6. C2 - Systematic
7. D1 - 303 Views
8. D2 - Onigiri

Apparel Tronic

SCSI-9 - Squares And Circles 2LP

An uncompromising return is coming and we, as a label, are extremely proud to host it on our frequencies: the internationally known Russian duo SCSI-9 are back with "Squares And Circles" - an 8 track album enclosed in a double vinyl. The 8th record on our elecTronic catalogue is an abstract, geometric but above all analog journey through Anton & Maxim's souls; an identifying concrete work of research which displays the "two-dimensional & mathematical" approach of their connected minds. The whole LP is musically pervaded by all the sound investigations they made throughout the production period and tells us of all their inner perfectionism and willing.

Coming to the raw music itself, they succeed in a complex process of making simple what's extremely heterogeneous, embodying the psychological theory of the thought against the speech: it's easier to talk than to think.

Vinyl, 2x12", LP