Seb Wildblood - Hazy House EP
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1. A - Hazy House Vol.1
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Seb Wildblood - Hazy House EP

Seb Wildblood readies his first new release of 2020, the ‘Hazy House’ EP.

‘Hazy House’ is an encapsulation of what a Seb Wildblood DJ set sounds like in 2020, fusing tough house rhythms with electro’s futuristic atmosphere and an ear for emotive melodic hooks. With dreamy flourishes and subtle complexities, the EP retains much of the depth that ‘sketches’ emphasized, despite being his most club-ready work since 2018’s ‘Grab The Wheel’ EP.

The resulting release is one that showcases Wildblood’s considered, painterly technique, and his capacity to create thoughtful soundscapes even when focused on mobility and energy.

Vinyl, 12", EP