Session Victim - Two Crowns EP
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1. A - Two Crowns
2. B1 - Guidance
3. B2 - Village Youth

Delusions Of Grandeur

Session Victim - Two Crowns EP

Session Victim have become something of a phenomenon since their inception a little over 12 years ago. They bring a sense of fun and unrivalled energy to their live shows and DJ sets which instantly connects with any crowd in front of them and their charming disregard for musical boundaries ensures that you never know quite what to expect or where they’re heading next.

When not feeding their addiction to pinball machines, the duo of Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling are constantly creating, keeping things fresh by forming labels such as Retreat run by Hauke and Quarion, Pen & Paper run by the duo themselves and Hauke’s new baby Save The Books. Last year’s Needledrop LP for Night Time Stories saw them step away from the dance floor and head into deep, downtempo mode to great effect, and now we’re proud to welcome Session Victim back to Delusions Of Grandeur for the release of Two Crowns which sees them edging back towards clubbier sounds, albeit with their trademark live instrumentation and highly musical approach.

Vinyl, 12", EP