Sfire feat. Marcella - Sfire1
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Sfire feat. Marcella - Sfire1

Marcella: I don't really remember - I only thought that I sounded like a 8 years old kid a bit out of tune with italian accent.

Jeffrey Sfire: Sfire 1 was the incarnation of Sfire. I met Sophie at a Motherland show in 2008 (Sophie and Marcella's berlin based band). I suggested she make a dance version of a song they played and she asked me to come to the studio to help produce it. She had heard me djing many times and was a fan. We became good friends and made a few more tracks along the years. we hope to make more soon. As for me I've been a dj since i was 16. Grew up in Detroit. Fell in love with underground 80's music (house italo freestyle) and have been djing regularly since.

Vinyl, 12",  EP