Shinichiro Yokota / The Mole - 5 Years Anniversary Series 02
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1. 1 Shinichiro Yokota - I Know You Like It
2. 2 The Mole - A Simple Day

Sound Of Vast

Shinichiro Yokota / The Mole - 5 Years Anniversary Series 02

Our imprint marks its five years anniversary this year and to celebrate it’s offering up five special various artist packages across 2019 limited to 250 copies each, featuring material from the likes of Vid, The Mole, Cinthie, Shinichiro Yokota, San Proper, Akiko Kiyama, Com Sin aka Cosmin TRG, Subb-an and more..

Tokyo-based Far East Recording artist Shinichiro Yokota opens the ‘5 Years Anniversary Series 02’ with ‘I Know You Like’ a harkening back to the days of soulful, musical house courtesy of jazzy synth lines, warm chords and choppy bass running alongside a swinging drum groove and vocal hooks uttering the track’s title.

The Mole follows on the flip side with ‘A Simple Day’, turning in a typically raw and funkinfused workout via dusty drum sounds, looped guitar licks, warbling low-end tones and an underlying psychedelic feel that always makes The Mole’s tracks unique. This project also sees a new design concept for the imprint from London’s David Surman’s painting installation project ‘Paintings For The Cat Dimension’ which ‘’explores the motif of the cat as emblematic of internet aesthetics, a place.

Vinyl, 12", EP