Shot - Main Thing
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1. A - Main Thing (Original Mix)
2. B - Main Thing (Dub)

Easy Street

Shot - Main Thing

Fresh from 1986, another slo-mo Disco / Boogie / Garage banger from the Easy Street catalogue. That's right, this is that downtempo electrified sleazy Funk that keeps dance-floors pulsing. It has all the trademarks of the time, dope futuristic synths, slamming low-key drums and a sassy vocal performance from Kim Marsh lamenting a useless guy and her heartbreak! Classic Disco subject matter indeed. This one stands head and shoulders alongside the Tanaa Gardners, Barbara Masons and all the other heavy hitters of the time.

'Main Thing' is a true rarity today and used copies command a collectors price on the second hand record market. Every home should have a copy of this, no proper Disco collection is complete without it. A record that will never go out of style & will always provoke some buckwild reactions on any dance-floor it's dropped on!

Shout out to Easy Street, 100% legit re-issue, re-master & re-press, essential wax!

Vinyl, 12", EP, Reissue