Sillyboy's Ghost Relatives - In A Small Place LP
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1. A1 - Secret
2. A2 - Learn To Forget
3. A3 - In A Small Place
4. A4 - Come Closer
5. A5 - Muscle Cars
6. B1 - High Life
7. B2 - Daylight
8. B3 - Favourite One
9. B4 - Better Than Words
10. B5 - Wasted Clip

Sillyboy's Ghost Relatives - In A Small Place LP

Sillyboy’s Ghost Relatives can proudly claim to be “Greek radio’s favourite soft rock band”. The Athens-based quartet – fronted by bass-wielding former TV commercial composer turned Balearic popster Charalampos Kourtaras – are rising stars in their home country, with listeners warming to their distinctive blend of atmospheric guitars, retro-pop synths and head-in-the-clouds grooves.

So far, international stardom has passed them by, though their distinctive songs have caught the ear of a range of DJs across the globe. One was Claremont 56 founder Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy, who has worked his magic on one of the band’s previously unreleased gems, “In A Small Place”.

Perfectly capturing the claustrophobic reality of life in a small, remote town or village where everyone knows everyone else’s business, the song sees Sillyboy plan his escape over a mesmerizing backing track rich in ghostly synthesizers, chunky bass guitar, spacey electronics and a shuffling groove that sits somewhere between pitched-down dub disco and early ‘80s West Coast AOR.

Vinyl, 12", EP