Snuff Crew & Hard Ton - Always Oldschool EP
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1. A1 - Snuff Crew - Miles High
2. A2 - Snuff Crew - Mousehole Groove
3. A3 - Snuff Crew & Hard ton - Jack Until
4. B1 - Snuff Crew & Hard Ton - Sunday Morning
5. B2 - Snuff Crew - Friendship

Schrödinger’s Box

Snuff Crew & Hard Ton - Always Oldschool EP

Never ones to turn down some acid, Schrödinger’s Box welcome a well-seasoned 303 master into its ranks. With more than a decade’s experience of knob jerking body bending bangers, Snuff Crew are true veterans.

Always Oldschool burns with a full intensity. A 12” of fiery floor funk and enflamed passions, a 12” that comes with Snuff Crew’s guarantee of sore muscles and a flourish of romance.

Coloured Vinyl, 12", EP