Sol Power All-Stars - Lomé Connections in Hi-Fi

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Sol Power Sound

Sol Power All-Stars - Lomé Connections in Hi-Fi

During a year like we've never seen before, the Sol Power Sound imprint reaches the proud milestone of its tenth release, Lomé Connections in Hi-Fi by the Sol Power All-Stars, because the music simply can't stop now.

To anchor the EP, the Sol Power All-Stars revisit some touchstones that have been featured on previous releases. Massama Dogo, of DC based band Elikeh, connects the capitol cities of Togo and the United States with 'Va Sé Da', much as he did on the Sol Power All-Stars’ Djidjo Vide EP from 2016. Elikeh guitarist Frank Martins (who got his start with legendary 1970s Nigerian psych rock bands) propels the slinky afro groove while the LA-based Jungle Fire lends its infamous horn section to give the hook its punch.

Vinyl, 12", EP