Sonar's Ghost & Coco Bryce - Coco & The Ghost
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1. A - Sonar's Ghost - Turn It Out
2. B - Coco Bryce - Trillion Shekel Man

7th Storey Projects

Sonar's Ghost & Coco Bryce - Coco & The Ghost

7th Storey Projects is delighted to present Coco & The Ghost - featuring a pair of wicked jungle cuts from two mainstays of today's jungle scene; Sonar's Ghost and Coco Bryce.

'Turn it Out' by Sonar's Ghost kicks off precedings, a homage to the legendary Tom 'n' Jerry SHELL series, with all the hallmarks of the aforementioned releases, this ragga-infused smasher is primed to set dancefloors ablaze this summer!

Coco Bryce returns once again to 7th Storey Projects with the ragga jungle roller 'Trillion Shekel Man' - featuring rolling breaks, a big bad bassline and a little bit of humour into the mix - unmissable!

Vinyl, 10", EP