Spaced Out Crew - S.O.K


Spaced Out Crew - S.O.K


Bazaar mutant disco from the french collective "Spaced Out Krew" (S.O.K).. Timeless productions created for Peoples Potential Unlimited during 2020, featuring Spleen3000 and Marius Cyrilou from Cee-O-Funk.  After listneing to their debut self-released "Cosmic Love" compilation we knew there was going to be more to this story.  Cee-O-Funk LP coming soon.. 

This EP features; "Doudou Bourbon", the afterhours disco-jam. it's time to dance, basement bar anthem.. "Extasz", pronounced x-TASY as the name suggests, total bliss italo luxury lifestyle.
B Side  "Spleen Boy" dedicated to the Casio SK-1..  "Dance Or Die" straight-up techno bounce with basic vocal instructions and "Spread Love" de-tuned downtown funk rider for the PPU freaks.

Vinyl, 12", EP

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