Steven Rutter & Kirk Degiorgio - Braconian Beta
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1. A1 - Reconnaissance Pass
2. A2 - Sechel
3. B1 - Encapsulation
4. B2 - Tri Order Descent

Steven Rutter & Kirk Degiorgio - Braconian Beta


Many have tried to recreate the following with varying success, but why reach for an imitation when you have the originators at work here in a first-ever collaboration between UK stalwarts Steven Rutter(B12/Warp/FireScope) and Kirk Degiorgio (As One, Applied Rhythmic Technology). Building a bridge across the sounds of the UK and Detroit, the combined influences, styles and elements of this teaming-up is fully realised in 4 tracks of neo hi-tech soul, where the rhythm and groove of Degiorgio meets the emotive atmospherics of Rutter.

‘Reconnaissance Pass’ opens up the channels with a quirky, upbeat jaunt alongside drawn out honeyed sunset sky hues and glittering oceans, a luscious prismatic medley of body and soul. Drenching darkness with lightness, ’Sechel’ has delicately tuned percussion and sensitively sustained strings together with a relentless pounding kick and an acid bassline in the same elevator headed towards the future.

Etheric synths and strings float above the groove pool of ’Encapsulation’, at once both reaching for the heavens and grounded in a shaker-filled dance. First led by a muted bassline, ’Tri Order Descent’ bursts open in kaleidoscopic brilliance midway before breaking into arpeggiated locomotion, a spacecraft discovery journey set forth for new and uncharted terrain.

Finished in orange and red splatter vinyl with exclusive full colour artwork by Mass Roman.

Vinyl, 12", EP Reissue