SW - Viole{n}t
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1. A1. Herbperp
2. A2. InCOMPlete to 90s Hrdcr Supreme
3. A3. THX Liars FlyASSes
4. B1. TswifBIGDATA-ghost
5. B2. ATomTake JAZZ Haunt
6. B3. ROAch ROAd 0.1 X-LOOSE

Kimochi US

SW - Viole{n}t

After Sw. contributed heavily to Kimochi 13, 14, and 15, he's taken a little sabbatical to travel the world - releasing sounds for LOVEiT, R&S sublabel Apollo, Night Defined, Acido, and of course his homebase at SUED. Now, a triumphant return to Kimochi Sound for #44, where Sw. takes the opportunity to really spread his wings. From the instantly catchy UK garage stylings of inCOMPlete to 90s hrdcr supreme to the jazz-inflected percussion workout of rOAch rOAd 0.1 X-LOOSE to the industrial spatial noise exploration of herbperp, this is an auteur who dares you to name the genre.

Vinyl, 12", EP