Syrup - Rosy Lee
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1. A1. Sunlit Days
2. A2. Hi(gh)
3. A3. The Recipe
4. A4. Nuthn
5. A5. CGN is The Place
6. A6. Politickin
7. A7. Waffles
8. B1. Blue Sunday
9. B2. Burnt Out
10. B3. Sherman Klump
11. B4. Bishops Sermon
12. B7. A Track Called Cool Bap

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Melting Pot

Syrup - Rosy Lee

Technically, Syrup are a hip-hop group with unmistakable leanings towards soul and jazz. The group consists of an MC (Turt), a pianist/singer (C.Tappin) and a beatmaker (Twit One).

 Their music is rooted in the tradition of collectives like Native Tongues and Soulquarians, and they have come up with a pretty appropriate term to describe their sound, which is "cool bap". But if we put formalities aside and look at the bigger picture, Syrup are also a perfect example of how music can connect people beyond national borders, language and tradition. And furthermore, how Afro-American culture has influenced not only the musical taste but the views and opinion-making of generations of young people worldwide. 

Vinyl, 12", EP