Tapes - Hissing Theatricals EP
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1. 1 Intro
2. 2 Gold Love Riddim
3. 3 Hackney Dub
4. 4 Jtr06 A4. Tapes - Lowry Dub
5. 5 Outro A
6. 6 Ticker Tape
7. 7 C20 Riddim
8. 8 Good Thing You Came Along
9. 9 Outro


Tapes - Hissing Theatricals EP

Originally contrived on the streets of London-Hackney, then properly finished off in a Leipzig trailer squat in 2009, this hissing debut EP by Jackson "Tapes" Bailey is spooling low-end goodness in fast forward mode.

Magically clashing 80s digital dancehall (Gold Love Riddim, C20 Riddim), ultra-wonky beats (Hackney Dub, Lowry Dub) and BBC Radiophonic Workshop / Library music vibes (Ticker Tape) this masterpiecce is buzzing with bass-charged Ferrum particles, ready to set off on a journey that will reel your mind.

Limited 10 years anniversary re-issue!

Vinyl, 12", EP