Telephones - Point Breaks / Beach Breaks
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1. A1 - Genesis (Swell 1019 Mix)
2. A2 - Summit (Wind Dance Dub)
3. A3 - Tide & Space (Warning)
4. B1 - Sensei (5378 Exchange Mix)
5. B2 - Phase Alternate Line (Daybreak Mix)

European Carryall

Telephones - Point Breaks / Beach Breaks

Taking cues from balearic, old-school hip-hop, breaks and cosmic, Telephones keep the vibe strong whilst delivering the first non house- or techno-related release on his label. This 5-track EP conjures up a nostalgia-fueled hypothetical mutation of early eclectic influences from Pal Joey, Sade, Ace Of Base and Bone Thugs n Harmony to Lil Louis, Baldelli, Weatherall and N.W.A.. Reports from sources familiar with the material claim " sounds exactly like today-Telepohones, just minus 20 BPM, plus skateboard-mushroom-hairdue (think Louie Barletta) and baggy Droors". A truly special one for the real heads. Cop it!

Vinyl, 12", EP