Teluric - Signals From The Moon (2xLP)
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1. A1: Spiritual Guidance
2. A2: Sea Of Tranquility
3. B1: Victoria
4. B2: Animism
5. C1: Mysterious Heart
6. C2: Fading Mirage
7. D1: Signals From The Moon
8. D2: Obsessive Fantasy

Eating Records

Teluric - Signals From The Moon (2xLP)

Eating Records is back ! As our main leitmotif has always been >quality over quantity<, it took us a bit of time to present you something very special. Accustomed to solo stellar adventures in wonderful destinations such as BLEU CIEL, RACKMIZAR, or JOULE IMPRINT, TELURIC also traveled the space in duet with MELODIE under the name of GLUEPED. This is the reason we did not hesitate to ask him to relate us his lunar epopee initiated in 2017. So here are the signals from the moon.

2 x 12", Vinyl, LP, Album