The 9th Creation - A Step Ahead LP
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1. A1. A Step Ahead
2. A2. More And More
3. A3. Body Energy
4. A4. Always Be Lovers
5. B1. Let It Shine
6. B2. Beautiful Lady
7. B3. Party Down
8. B4. Music Is My Pen & Paper

Past Due

The 9th Creation - A Step Ahead LP

In 1980, the 9th Creation began working on new music at a Modesto studio, South East of Stockton. The studio was suspiciously cheaper than all of its competitors. After recording weeks of material, the band discovered the reason. “We didn’t know that the guys that were running the studio were drug dealers,” A.D. Burrise recalls. “There was a big raid.” All the studio’s master tapes were confiscated by the DEA. J.D Burrise unsuccessfully sued the DEA to recover the tapes but to no avail. Luckily Mike Micenheimer saved cassette mix-downs of some of the group’s songs from those sessions. “A Step Ahead” is the the 9th Creation’s lost album. 8 unreleased songs of pure soul, funk, disco and boogie.

We are proud to present this lost album for the first time. The ultra talented Jacob Arnold also wrote the complete story of the band that we are presenting with never seen before pictures.

Finally the CD version includes bonus tracks from the Love Crime 12”, the Mellow Music 7” and 3 previously unreleased (rough) demos.

(Because of the source of these recordings, please know that (sadly) some of the songs have drops in stereo and are not 100% audio quality.)

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