The Altons - Tangled Up / Soon Enough - Vinyl Record

The Altons - Tangled Up / Soon Enough

LABEL:   Daptone

ARTISTS: The Altons
RELEASE DATE: 2022-01-10
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl

Bryan Ponce's delicate, plaintive vocal, this time accompanied by the sweet, rich timbre of Adriana Flores make for two earnest duets that exude palpable chemistry.

On "Tangled Up" the pair sing of a love affair that has run its course but (against their better judgement) lingers in the form of late night entanglements and dream-induced longing - imprisoning the lovers on a carousel of heartache and despair. "Soon Enough" is a gorgeously sparse ballad rife with melancholic guitar, percolating percussion and a groove that will have you swaying side to side with the one you love.

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