The Black Man's Music Collation - House Negro
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1. A - House Negro (Part 1)
2. B - House Negro (Part 2)


The Black Man's Music Collation - House Negro

This project is produced by a group of young men who call themselves The Black Man’s Music Collation for Justice. The T.B.M.M.C (abbreviated) are of African ancestry and reside between the South Bronx and East New York - Brooklyn. As friends, they always shared similar interest and views on life but are now brought together as collaborators by a driven purpose.

Their immediate focus - is to become the voice for the countless victims that reside within their communities and who like themselves have been victims of hate and crippled by discriminatory tactics, lies and mental incarceration-all rooted in the legacy of slavery.

Due to the effects of Slavery too many, if not most African Americans settle for far less than they deserve. Especially in a culture (worldwide) that mostly tries to imitate almost everything African and therefore thrive within their own communities and countless industries. The Black Man’s Music Collation find this, amongst so many other things, detrimental to the future of Africans as a whole,
but more locally, keeping their brothers and sisters shackled to the ghettos of America. Therefore, they’ve decided to try and finally put an end to it-hence House Negro came to be…

House Negro is a Raw House composition that gets straight to the point.
If the above description speaks to your current situation within society, whether you're black, white, Latino or Asian. Well then, it begs the question;

Are You a House Negro?

Vinyl, 7", Single