The Four M Company - The Four M Company (1 Per Customer)
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1. 01 Youre Not Functioning
2. 02 Searching For The Truth
3. 03 All My Love
4. 04 Live To Be Someone
5. 05 Awaking - Rhythm Track
6. 06 Sugarfree

Family Groove Records

The Four M Company - The Four M Company (1 Per Customer)


The Four M Company, previously unreleased Modern Soul, & Boogie Funk recorded in 1979 at Paul Serrano's P.S. Studio in Chicago. This 6 song LP carries lush vocal harmonies with syncopated synthesizers, driving funk bass and brass elegantly crafted together into masterful arrangements. Band members in these recordings are David & Wendel Sudduth (The Eight Minutes, Perception Records), Terri Johnson, Paul Ramey & Duane Faulkner. Produced & Arranged by Vince Willis. After The Eight Minutes, David formed The Four M Company in High School. His brother Wendel joined and they played every prom every year from 1974-1978 on the north and Northwest side of Chicago. Approximately 35 members have played with The Four M Company at one point in time. Cut direct to lacquer for vinyl replication at 45 rpm from the original Master Tape. Limited Hand-Stamped Wax (500 copies).

Vinyl, 12", Reissue , Ltd. 500 Copies