The Hi-Fires - C’est Pour Qu-un Jour / Honest Lies

Wonderful Sound

The Hi-Fires - C’est Pour Qu-un Jour / Honest Lies


Exploding on to WONDERFULSOUND from somewhere between the mid 90’s and the vinyl record diggers vintage soundtrack scene, The Hi-Fires drop their debut collection of musics, spreading their sonic Gris- Gris far beyond their own island life. The origins of this project lies deep within the man responsible for pulling The Hi-Fires together, respected vibester & go to drummer Rupert Brown.

His drumming career has seen him work amongst such icons as Roy Ayers and his debut production saw him guide and launch the dust bowl soul of Angelina’s Vagabond Saint back in 2017 on WONDERFULSOUND.

With The Hi-Fires his take on Hip Hop is obscenely forthright but his productions and arrangements pull each track through the continents of his experiences. “The record is set in an exotic world of “ French Kung fu “ in the 1970’s : to create the ultimate soundtrack for a low budget movie shot on location in La Havana Cuba” Rupert informs . The musics on the album are diverse there’s strains of the 90’s Bristol scene with songs Honest Lies, Beautiful and Heart in my Mouth which all feature actress & choir master Tallulah Smith.

But then there’s the swampier grooves with temptress / vocalist Severine Mouletin ... Je veux te transmettre, C’est pour qu’un jour The Sea and the Sun, all with Stereolab but with leanings more to obscure soundtrack records that get hunted down! But there’s also a lighter, dare I say Balearic, attitude going on here with Le Bas, brit jazz funkers Working Week or early EBTG spring to mind. Maybe this is obviously going to happen with the calibre of musicians involved. Terry Callier’s sax and flute player for 25 years Gary Plumley sax , flutes , baritone clarinet ( co conspirator and co producer and writer of half of the record ) sharing much of the wind section with Andrew Norman who plays trumpet and many brass instruments.

The tremendous and generous provider of low end / Rafe Spencer anchors the beats with the double bass. Rupert explains “there’s exotic brass instrumentation that takes jazz and hip hop influences, mixing them with the African 70’s tones and taking inspiration from the magical musicians from the north and south of the Americas”.

Vinyl, 7", EP

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