The Honorable Mr. Top - Fantasy, Fact, and Figment EP

Inner Sunset Recordings

The Honorable Mr. Top - Fantasy, Fact, and Figment EP


For those of you who missed the boat the first time around, now’s your chance to grab a copy of Inner Sunset Recording’s highly sought-after 7th catalog release, “Fantasy, Fact, and Figment” by The Honorable Mr. Top! This limited edition 300-copy 12-inch repress on “Coke bottle”-colored transparent vinyl is as true as it gets to the classic deep and garage house sounds of Inner Sunset Recordings, while delivering the same variety and quality that can be found throughout the label’s highly acclaimed catalog. If US and UK garage house sound are your thing, side A’s two mixes of To Fantasize will delight dance floors to the core with their meticulously crafted track progressions and classic garage house instrumentation. And for those of you who like a dash of breaks in your 4-on-the-floor vibe, side B’s That Happy Day is a flashy and atmospheric hybrid of deep house and breaks, while Lunar Launch Candidate, daringly defies genre classification by taking the dance floor on a wild and pumping ride through atmospheric pads, deep organs, ravey stabs and rolling old-school hardcore breakbeats. Widely recognized as one of the label’s seminal releases, and one of the label’s hardest to find releases, this is a serious record to grab, so act now!

Vinyl, 12", Repress

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