Thread - The Derwent Way EP
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1. A1 - Edge Road
2. A2 - Derwent Way
3. B1 - Holt Drive
4. B2 - The Alley

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Thread - The Derwent Way EP

Thread captured our ears with their early outings on Reach Recordz, where they showed a unique approach to stripped down breaks and electro, mixing broken beats with minimal, electro and tech-house.
A project run by two hard-working veterans involved in the electronic music scene for the past 15 years, Marc Ashken and Ben Micklewright, Thread is just one of the several facets of this productions duo which is playing a key role in silently and relentlessly defining what we believe is a very unique sound, that blends influences coming from the vast legacy of the UK electronic music culture.
For this EP we’ve selected four diverse cuts that showcase Thread’s distinctive sound while keeping in line with our ethos of finding music that’s out of trends and time.

Vinyl, 12", EP