Toke - Unbalanced Movement (incl. Alec Falconer remix) - Vinyl Record

Toke - Unbalanced Movement (incl. Alec Falconer remix)

LABEL:   Dawn State

RELEASE DATE: 2021-11-17
FORMAT: 12 Inch Vinyl
GENRE: Breakbeat, Techno

Toke is a vital fixture of the underground club scene of Tbilisi, a city that has repeatedly demonstrated the radical potential of Techno as a uniting force for change and a powerful weapon against government and systemic suppression; a soundtrack to practice radical freedom and liberation. This is a message that we as a label wholeheartedly support, and is pivotal to our reason for existing; Techno as a tool to accelerate systemic change.

As a live artist, as well as DJ and Director of Swing Festival, Toke has gained himself a strong following of fans both in Georgia and abroad. An experienced operator with a deep understanding of how to program trippy grooves to move the body, this release is designed for the dance floor and has been pressed and cut hot to really shake your bones when played on a club system. This is body music for the club.

It has been 3 years since Toke’s last full artist EP for the Parisian label D.KO records, though during that time he has been busy featuring on EPs from Local labels Pluto’s Plan  CR052949 as well as appearing in compilations for local record shops Vodkast Small Moves, as well as featuring on Va releases for Bristol’s Mint Tea records.

Also comes with a remix from the UK’s berlin-based garage wunderkind Alec Falconer. Part of a new generation who have completely revitalized the UK Garage scene, as well as breathing new life into the underground of UK Tech House along the way. With a prolific back catalogue (Entity London, Rue De Plaisance, Elevate, Orbital London) as well as having a hand in running his own Labels, heading up Jisul, Sock It To Me, 2X and many, many more, chiefly sold through his own Ba Dum Tish distribution. 

Vinyl, 12", EP

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