Tom Dicicco - Laser Life
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1. A1 - Varykino
2. A2 - Laser Life
3. B1 - 99 Rising
4. B2 - Quiet Theory


Tom Dicicco - Laser Life

Next up on COS_MOS is a label debut from Tom Dicicco. The UK techno artist has amassed a fine discography on the likes of Delsin, Off Minor and Dred Records, always with a rugged and club focussed current running through what he does.

The four cuts he offers here kick off with the hammering synth stabs and coarse claps of 'Varykino', a brutal twisted dance floor mover. 'Laser Life' then cuts loose, with squeaking machines and alien life-forms jumping about in a broken beat framework that brings off balance grooves to the party. Acidic bouncing bass lines jumping over the b-side on '99 Rising', where 'Quiet Theory' flips the script again, this time with percolating and trippy synth loops rising and falling with skeletal beats stuttering below. A well balanced party pack for every hour of the night.

Vinyl, 12", EP