Tony Allen - There Is No End [Deluxe 2xLP] - Vinyl Record

Tony Allen - There Is No End [Deluxe 2xLP]

LABEL:   Blue Note


Side 1

1. "There Is No End" 2. "Rich Black" (feat Koreatown Oddity) 3. "Coonta Kinte" (feat Zelooperz)

Side 2

1. "One Inna Million" (feat Lava La Rue) 2. "Stumbling Down" (feat Sampa The Great) 3. "Crushed Grapes" (feat Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon)

Side 3

1. "Gang On Holiday (Em I Go We?)" (feat Jeremiah Jae) 2. "Mau Mau" (feat Nah Eeto) 3. "Tres Magnifique" (feat Tsunami)

Side 4

1. "Hurt Your Soul" (feat Nate Bone) 2. "Cosmosis" (feat Okri & Skepta) 3. "My Own" (feat Marlowe)

2 x 12" Vinyl, Deluxe LP, Album

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