Triorität - Alg0
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1. A1. Death Pacito
2. A2. Zitterschlagzeug
3. A3. Bonopo
4. A4. Seven Marmelade
5. B1. Georgio feat. Lukas Lehmann
6. B2. Chromosong
7. B3. Brexit feat. Lukas Lehmann
8. B4. Inelegant Pending


Triorität - Alg0

ALG0 is the debut LP and first ever release on Triorita¨t’s very own imprint Ouvo. Carrying a heavy melange of metal fusion dancefloor jazz, the boys showcase their intimate bond through a musical connection which one can witness at their spectacular live shows. Enjoy a ride through the cosmic depths of Bessungen Darmstadt taking you to familiar yet unseen places of joy and delight.

Vinyl, LP