V/A - Clap Shape Vol.1

Clap Visions

V/A - Clap Shape Vol.1


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The first various artist compilation series shows different views and heartfelt stances on house music from CLÆP VISIONS artists around label head Ion Vulcan. Track A1 kicks it off with the hypnotic tribal influenced house stomper„Sonor“ by the producer and professional drummer Sischke. Its textures of soothing African voices in the back and a brilliant sounding dub chord making it perfect tool track. „I Don’t Sample“ (A2) is from Ion Vulcan, a Berlin DJ and producer. This musical gem is based on an interview fragment from prince and is ironically hinting at the idea of sampling music. The funky house chords underline a fresh Detroit/Chicago feeling. Arrived at the b-side (B1) Yot Nams little crowdpleaser „For You“ awaits you. These housy chords are working well as a main theme. Electrically generated, they evoke juvenile ease while pushin’ it relentlessly with a soulful vocal, which provides the necessary thrill for the dancefloor. B2 „Missing My Old Room“ is from producer, DJ and musician Jesus Moses. The shuffling beat, with its blooming arp sounds and melancholic choir is a musical beauty, inherits a deep desire and alludes to different aspects of house music.

Vinyl, 12", EP

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