V/A - Easter European Cut-Outs Vol.2 [Near Mint Sleeves]
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1. A1. I.P. - Aerobica
2. A2. Bartoszek - Geburtstag
3. B1. Grabosky - Artatlan Varazslo
4. B2. Prima Musica - Jeden Krok

V/A - Easter European Cut-Outs Vol.2 [Near Mint Sleeves]

The Eastern European Cut Outs, the spin off series of The Very Polish Cut Outs, that launched last year moves smoothly into the second round.

The new vinyl only release contains 4 obscure tracks from Czechoslovakia, GDR, Hungary and the Soviet Union that have been tweaked and looped by some brilliant native talents. Langsamer East German disco not disco? Check! Soviet aerobic dance pop? Check! Psychodelic hungarian rock chopped to sound like hip hop? Check! Enigma influenced Czechoslovakian proto-house? Check!

Vinyl, 12", EP, Near Mint Sleeves