V/A - Emotsiya


V/A - Emotsiya


Welcome to the world of Émotsiya and welcome Emotsiya to planet earth! This is our very first release, featuring future legends Ann Hiko, Denzel, Endamisi Salamisi and Sansibar!

Émotsiya is a parallel universe, a phantasy that’s been taking shape over the years in the minds and actions of DJ, music lover, and producer Katerina (“Just when you thought it was over” on Cómeme in 2018, and the upcoming “Who Am I If I'm Not Me” on Tigersushi). Émotsiya is a feeling and a spirit, Emotsiya is adventure, Émotsiya is a show on Radio Cómeme. Katerina and her associates have now prepared to let Emotsiya become also a record label, bringing new and essential gems from a geographical corner of the world that is already known for the most inspiring musical encounters between humans and machines. Let’s dive into Emotsiya 001…

Vinyl, 12", EP

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