V.V.A.A - Raval Rave Breakers Pt.2
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1. A1 - Dark Vektor - Time Space Rhythm and Bass
2. A2 - Spolied Drama - Welcome to the Synthesized Pain Society
3. B1 - Univac - Collider
4. B2 - Exzakt & BFX - Close
5. B3 - Eel - Sich Kreuzende Linien D


V.V.A.A - Raval Rave Breakers Pt.2

The second Raval Rave Breakers instalment continues with another strong five tracker. A Swiss knife where different sides of electro manage to coexist in blissful harmony. Some of them do so in a clean and classic way, like Dark Vektor's "Time Space Rhythm & Bass". A small 80s odyssey that fondly reminds of a certain quartet of well-known robots. Some others take a a more raw and contemporary approach, like Spoiled Drama (Nous, Fleisch), who plays the aches-and-pains card in a glorious way: "Drama's Welcome To The Synthesized Pain Society" goes straight to your cortex and it won't be easy to forget.

Vinyl, 12", EP