Vaal - Nosferatu 2LP
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1. A1. Nosferatu
2. A2. Blade
3. A3. Acid1200
4. B1. Nosferatu II
5. B2. Interference
6. B3. Stroke
7. C1. Thank You
8. C2. Human Engineering
9. C3. Kong
10. D1. Blue Eyes
11. D2. Small Victories

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Pale Blue Dot

Vaal - Nosferatu 2LP

Vaal announces the release of debut album ‘Nosferatu’ via new label Pale Blue Dot.

A dark, cinematic triumph, title track ‘Nosferatu’ was the first song to be released from the record, following a huge few years of touring and underground releases, including one of 2016’s most ubiquitous tracks ‘Wander To Hell’ and 'Monument' on Afterlife.

Vaal has established a sterling reputation as one of the key members of the Afterlife family. Steadily cultivating a strong identity and sound, merging a crossover of techno and breaks, traces of 'Bachian’ melodies and UK rave culture.

2 x 12", Vinyl, LP, Album