Various Artists - Clear Memory 001 EP
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1. Next Neighbours - The Bill
2. XData - Frozon
3. Zielkonflikt - Weltzentralcomputer
4. Uncanny Lovers - My Name Is Harmony
5. En Direct - Chelsea Cut

Clear Memory

Various Artists - Clear Memory 001 EP

Knock Knock – after three years of think tanking, digging records, talking gear and hosting events in and out of Leipzig, Clear Memory is showing up at your party, eating your hors d’œuvres, drinking up your champagne and convincing the DJ, it’d be better to play this Various Artist EP. The first Clear Memory Record contains five tracks by our members who chose anonymity and integrity over the hollow promises of fame and fortune. Five tracks equally of robo-romantic dystopias, cold electronics, rousing anthems and dead-on floorfillers. Suitable for hard working DJs, craving collectors and home listeners alike. Join the pack – this is just the beginning.

Vinyl, 12", EP