Various Artists - Daytime High EP
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1. 1 Potentiometer - Solima
2. 2 Mad'R - Ali Baba
3. 3 Articulat - Badaouiah
4. 4 Afrobot - Mustapha


Various Artists - Daytime High EP

In the beginning of the summer of 2019, AM returns with four exotic edits and reworks to dance to on grass. Solima is a pitched down lush and spatial Afro gem that will cause instant euphoria on any dance floor, followed by a faster and uplifting African jam called Ali Baba. Both have that late 80’s synthetic vibe we dig so much.On the flip there are two tracks which are constructed upon respectively an Egyptian and a Turkish sample. Badaouiah reminds of Carl Craig’s edit of Congo Man, builds up slowly and gets highly hypnotic and deep, while the second track Mustapha rolls out a quirky rhythm pattern with a hysteric Turkish clarinet sample.

Vinyl, 12", EP