Various Artists - Earth Plates - Vol 1 (Ltd. 300 Copies - 1 Per Customer)

Earth Plates

Various Artists - Earth Plates - Vol 1 (Ltd. 300 Copies - 1 Per Customer)



According to the latest studies in Flat Earth Sciences, our home planet is a green and blue disk, flying through the universe. Among approx. 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 sphere shaped planets this formation seems quite unique. No wonder, aliens love to come here, and also, are keen to buy the best real estate while it’s cheap. That’s why they founded Earth Plates, the label delivering appealing music with manipulating mind waves.

As you can see it on the label’s fb page, the aliens have a poor knowledge of English, but a splendid taste in music. For their first pressed 12” they chose three newcomers #130E0A from Paris, dj LIFE from Melbourne and Louis // Louis from San Juan, plus non-newcomer Gnork from Budapest to deliver their coded message. The tunes are sweet and dreamy, contain lots of breaks, space sounds, pads and some dubbed out house and electro vibes. Tested for radio and club use, but it’s also recommended to put it on in your own living room, while having a nice ⋊⋹⋺11 EEEEE IIIIIIII ⋺1⋺1.∃

Don’t worry, you like it. When you see the green ∴∿≣t, please say EE.∃∃∃∃. Thank you.

Vinyl, 12", EP, 300 Copies

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