Various Artists - Extra Muros - Kenya LP

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FLEE / Extra Muros

Various Artists - Extra Muros - Kenya LP

This new compilation, a statement of intercultural music production, features collaborations of Slikback (PAN), KMRU, Tite (Fragile), Jinku, Pier Alfeo (Backwards) ... recorded during a residency in Elefant Studio, Nairobi.

The compilation will follow a 45mn documentary dedicated to the Kenyan Scene.

After two vinyl releases highlighting two musical currents rooted in an era and a territory - Benga in Kenya and Tarantismo in Italy; Flee Project unveils its sub-label, Extra Muros, linked to an itinerant creative residency program that aims to bring together innovative and creative artists from all around the globe for a two-week long production and writing camp. Open to all, it promotes underground sounds and artists in search of sonic experiments and discoveries. Is held every year in changing locations and countries.

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