Various Artists - Graffi Gravi (2xEP)
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1. A1. Yoshinori Hayashi - Dissociative
2. B1. Telephones - Kalimbalimbo
3. B2. DB.Source & Riccardo Schiro - Montevago
4. B1. Dynamo Dreesen - Reactivate
5. C1. Oyvind Morken & Kaman Leung - Tunnel Visjon
6. D1. Acidboychair - The End (At Any Speed)

Gravity Graffiti

Various Artists - Graffi Gravi (2xEP)

REPRESS ALERT: Gravity Graffiti has been doing great things with its series of split 12"s already, but now the Italian label goes one better for its tenth release with this mighty double pack of heavy hitters. First up is the ever-untouchable Yoshinori Hayashi, who gets as straight up as he possibly could with the freaky house burner "Dissociative." Telephones is feeling particularly dubbed out and groovy on "Kalimbalimbo", while DB.Source and Riccardo Schiro take things strung out and textural on "Montevago". Dynamo Dreesen is in rave mode for the pepped up and delightfully weird "Reactivate", leaving the final side to Oyvind Morken & Kaman Leung's chugging "Tunnel Visjon" and the rubbery side swipes of Acidboychair's "The End (At Any Speed)".

2 x 12", Vinyl, EP